Exploring ‘weather’ across Key Learning Areas in ES1…

This term in ES1 we have been exploring how weather can affect our lives and the way we live. It became apparent how easily it would be to incorporate more than one subject area in exploring this concept.

  • English
  • Science and Technology
  • Coding
  • Developmental Play

We decided to introduce a technology component during English where the students were provided with the opportunity to learn how to use the app ‘Book Creator’ using an iPad.

Book-Creator2This app enabled the students to build their capabilities with being Digitally Literate which connected directly with our 6 Pillars of learning at St Luke’s Catholic College. The students were engaged with recognising and using all the icons to generate information about the weather they wanted to share through a “Weather Book”. There was plenty of modelling, exploring and editing that has taken place across the term and has provided a forum for students to excel. Some of the elements we explored were-

  • taking and adding photos (resizing and positioning on the page)
  • using the drawing tools
  • recording our voices and sharing a message
  • experimenting with fonts (colour, size and style), emojis and typing letters/words
  • changing the colour of our page

Those students who are still learning to read and write have been successful in sharing their thinking through photos, drawings and voice recordings…so many possibilities!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The exploration also included incorporating coding with BlueBots where the students have been working in small groups to create outfits that are suitable for the BlueBots to wear in particular seasons when travelling across a grid map.

However, the journey has also meant that the students needed to be reflective learners and they presented their first attempts at creating a map to their peers. After sharing all their information, their audience then gave them feedback which was recorded by one member of the team using an iPad (camera app and using the video component). At the completion of the sharing time each group spent time listening to the feedback, discussing possible outcomes and changes before being given some blank grid squares to try and improve their information and maps.

The students will be explaining the seasons, weather and how it makes us feel to an audience. For example, cold/hot and explain how it influences the clothing choice for the BlueBot. Students will eventually present their final products as a small group to an audience of their peers and other students within the school environment.

The last part of the exploration has been setting up a weather station within the classroom setting where students have been busy exploring and creating their own weather forecasts during developmental play. They have also been able to access this space during literacy groups to build on social skills as well providing speaking and listening experiences.

To assist the students with connecting the writing component with their learning during Science and Technology we added a variety of environmental print together with a map of the world. Other tools have included mini whiteboards, textas, chalk and chalk boards all of which led the children to a variety of writing and representations of their understanding of weather and its impacts on us daily.

Integration allows teachers and students alike to explore, create and wonder about the world…ourselves…and what is yet to come!

What have you explored and challenged yourself about?


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